Civil War History in Yazoo County

Originally titled “The Battle for Yazoo,” THIS PAMPHLET (out of print but available for download) was compiled many years ago from information supplied by Glen Jones, Mississippi Chemical Corporation; Edwin C. Bearss, Research Historian, Vicksburg National Park, and Sam Olden, President, Yazoo Historical Society. It was first produced by the Yazoo County Chamber of Commerce.


In 2015, the Yazoo County Convention & Visitors Bureau took on the task of updating this information based on a large collection in the Ricks Memorial Library, assembled by John E. Ellzey, of articles written and researched by Sam B. Olden which were published over the years by The Yazoo Herald. The following document includes the updates and additions to the original pamphlet along with the articles by Mr. Olden. Yazoo owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Olden, Mr. Ellzey, and to the Yazoo Historical Society for their love of Yazoo and their dedication to helping get this information to the public.

Printed copies can be requested by Contacting Us OR our PDF version can also be downloaded and saved or printed.

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