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Yazoo County Fair

Yazoo County Fair LogoW2017 Yazoo County Fair
October 13 – October 21, 2017!

The Yazoo County Fair, since 1928 and known as the second-oldest county fair in Mississippi, has announced their dates for 2017. As always, admission price includes FREE parking and unlimited rides on all rides!  With lots of rides, fun, games, food, local art and canning exhibits and more, the Yazoo County Fair is a great way to enjoy fall in Mississippi with the whole family. Make your plans now to attend.  We’ll see you at the fair!

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2017 Yazoo County Fair

203 Hugh McGraw Drive (aka Airport Road)
Yazoo City, Mississippi

Dates – October 13-21, 2017

2017 Yazoo County Fair Schedule
Friday October 13-Saturday October 21

Friday, October 13 –  6pm-11pm $12
Saturday, October 14 –  11am-3pm $8*
*Fair Completely shuts down from 3pm til 6pm
Saturday, October 14 –  6pm-11pm $12
Sunday, October 15 –  1pm-5pm $8
Monday, October 16 –  6pm-10pm $10
Tuesday, October 17 –  6pm-10 pm $10
Wednesday, October 18 –  6pm-10pm $10
Thursday, October 19 –  6pm-10pm $10
Friday, October 20 –  6pm-11pm $12
Saturday, October 21 –  11am-3pm $8*
*Fair Completely shuts down from 3pm til 6pm
Saturday, October 21 –  6pm-11pm $12

Children 30″ and under Free Admission
Senior Citizens 60+ $1 admission

Admission Price includes Unlimited Rides on ALL RIDES!

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  1. what is the address to the fairgrounds?

    • Hey, Heather. Thanks for your post. The address is 203 Hugh McGraw Drive, Yazoo City, Mississippi. On GPS or Google maps, the street name may show up as Airport Road instead of Hugh McGraw.

      Hope to see you at the fair! 🙂

      • Will the fair be open tonight or is it just 1-5? If it is open how much and what time

  2. Does admission include the rides too? If not how much are the tickets ? On avg how many tickets per ride ?

    • Hey, Jessica. Thanks for your post. Yes, admission includes all rides. There have been other attractions in the past that have cost a little extra, but you pay at the door for them. All amusement rides are included in admission, so ride as much as you like! 🙂

  3. Do pregnant women get in free, is it discounted or do they have to pay $10 as well?

  4. So how does it work like .
    How much would to be to park?
    How much the entrance would be?
    How much are the tickets
    How does it work ?

  5. How many rides are there and are they only for kids?

  6. so on Saturday you can only ride the rides from 11 to 3 ??? then we have to leave till 6 ??? i am confused on that part.

    • Admission for the 11am to 3pm matinee is the special price of $7. The grounds are cleared at 3pm. If you would like to come back for the 6pm – 11pm regular hours, admission is $10.

  7. How much is it for 55and a 56 year old

    • I’m not sure what age qualifies as “senior citizen” but I’m guessing 65. All other ages are full price. Hope you enjoy the fair!

      If I find out any different I’ll post back, but with the fair going on, those who know are pretty busy. lol Thanks for posting! 🙂

      • I know this was an old question, but the Fair Association has clarified that the Senior Citizen discount is for those age 60 and up.

        See you at the fair! 🙂

  8. What goes on on the 19th before 6? I wanted to bring my kids on that day but I wanted to bring them earlier so we won’t get caught in the dark.

    • Hello, Keisha! Thanks for your message! The Yazoo County Fair is not open before 6pm on weeknights. Matinees are offered during the day on Saturdays only.

  9. Do they serve beer ?

  10. Hi,I have attended the fair for a couple years now and have seen it grow. Are there going to be additional rides since the admission prices has risen??

  11. Will there be additional rides since the price has changed?

    • Thanks for your post, Delicia! There is always a selection of rides for younger children, as well as for adults and older children. We hope to see you at the fair! 🙂

  12. Will they be selling Malones Taffy here?

    • Thanks for your post, Anna. I’m not sure if there is any taffy sold at the Yazoo County Fair. I will try to find out for you, and you can also call 662-746-4665 to ask the Fair Association. See you at the fair! 🙂

  13. What day to the fair start this year?

    • Thanks for your post, Victoria. The Yazoo County Fair opens tomorrow, Friday, October 16. Please see information above for full list of dates, times, and admission fees. See you at the fair! 🙂

  14. Thank you! See ya tomorrow

  15. Will there be carnival games for the kids?

  16. Hello so you have to pay even if you don’t ride?

  17. Hello so you have to pay even if you don’t ride???

  18. Is the fair there yet

  19. Is food free also

  20. U heard there were only kiddie rides.Is that true cause I’m 14 and we can’t afford the fair in Jack and I like rides with suspense and hardcore. So are there any hardcore and rides that I’ll remember.

    • Thanks for posting your question. There are always several rides in each category at the Yazoo County Fair. On a personal note, there are always some that my children (both teenagers) are afraid to ride, so hopefully you will be happy with the selection. As always, one of the great benefits of attending the Yazoo County Fair is that you get unlimited rides on all of the rides included in your admission. I hope to see you at the fair! 🙂

  21. Hi! My daughter’s 10th birthday is on Tuesday, October 18th. She wants to bring about 9 girls & celebrate at the fair. While most of the night will be spent on games & rides, she does want a place to open gifts and eat nachos! Is there a place on the fairgrounds, besides the parking lot, that we could sit for 20 to 30 minutes. we could even bring our own table and chairs or big blanket if y’all don’t mind us setting up out of the way somewhere… Help!

    • Hi, Melissa! Thank you so much for reaching out to us. That certainly sounds like it would make for an incredibly fun 10th birthday party! 😀 I am not able to say whether the Yazoo County Fair Association would be able to accommodate your request. I would recommend calling them at 662-746-4665 to see what they can do for you.

      If you find that it is not an option, we have a list of venues available on our website at http://visityazoo.org/what-to-do/venues-catering/ Please call us if there is any way we can help.

      Thanks! We hope you all have a wonderful time in Yazoo! 🙂

  22. Are there rides for the children during matinee?

  23. Are there children games to play? Are there wheelchairs available for handicap guest?

    • Hey, Nicole. Thanks for your post. Yes, there are lots of the usual carnival games to play. There are reserved handicap parking spaces, but there are no wheelchairs available for rent. We would recommend that our handicap guests bring a wheelchair with them.

      Thanks so much. 🙂

  24. I am bringing several kids for a birthday this Saturday. I am confused by the 11-3 Matinee and evening shows. Does this mean we have to wait until 3 to ride? How does this work?

    • Thanks for your post, Brittany. The matinee on Saturday means the fair is open from 11am to 3pm. You can do everything at the fair that you could normally do, just earlier in the day. The grounds are cleared at 3pm. The fair is closed and rides shut down from 3pm to 6pm. If you want to attend the fair again at 6pm the same day, you will have to pay to re-enter.

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