Stubblefield Plantation

Black Jack Road

The Stubblefield Plantation house was built circa 1872 by Simon P. Stubblefield.  The story goes that he returned from the Civil War wounded but made a crop and set about building the house.  The actual planning and work was done by “Old Mory,” an ex-slave who had built many of the homes in the area.  Still the original house in many respects, Stubblefield features grand double entry doors with sidelights and six  towering boxed columns supporting the front of the house.  It is the third residence to occupy the land patented to William Henry Stubblefield, a pioneer settler of Yazoo County, in 1832 on original land grants signed by Andrew Jackson.

  1. I believe my grandfather Mose Stubblefield (through his marriage to my maternal grandmother) had ancestors who were slaves and/or free persons on this historic plantation. He was also born in Yazoo County, so I find the coincidence quite amazing. I am compiling a genealogy for my children/grandchildren and in seeking another ancestor came upon this website and I wondered if this could be a connection to the Stubblefield side of the family. Thank you!

    • I have info for you

      Mike Stubblefield

      • Good Morning Sir,
        What information do you have for me. Thank You

        • My Aunt Susie’s father was Sheriff Fount Stubblefield (all per my mother). I know very little about this aspect of my family, not even Aunt Susie’s maiden name (her married name was Susie Austin).

      • Hi Mike,

        My mom’s maiden name was Stubblefield. When she was about 15 she moved to Akron, Ohio. Her name was Cloista Jean Stubblefield and she was born in Mississippi. Are you related to her?

        • Hey I’m William Stubblefield in Columbus Ohio and I’m a black African American and I was just wondering if any of the Stubblefield’s related to me I wanna know more about my history

  2. My great grand father was William Stubblefield Taylor from Yazoo Mississippi…..I don’t know how he is connected to the Stubblefield plantation but I’m sure there is a connection..?Would like to know more about the Stubblefield connection.

  3. My grandfatherwas Hord Stubblefield. He had an Uncle Simon and a brother Wiche. He was from Yazoo City.

    • My grandmother was Florence Stubblefield. Her brothers were Fountain Y. Stubblefield Jr., Simon S. Subblefield Sr., Joseph Woolwine Stubblefield, and Thomas Stubblefield. Her sisters were Edna Ann and Mary Lee (whose married names I do not recall). Joseph Woolwine (aka Woody) died at age 11 in an accident when he was throwing a metal rod up in the air and it landed and went through his head. He rode around Yazoo city in an ambulance until he passed away because he wanted to drive fast with the sirens and lights and there was nothing thay could be done for him.

      Florence was born in November of 1928 or 1929. She married Clarence Andrew Lyles when she was a freshman in college and they had five children – Mike, Ann, Laura, David, and Dan. I am Dan’s youngest daughter.

      She returned to college when her children were older. She had been working at a dept. store to help her family through hard times and decided that “standing on her feet all day was for the birds” She attended University of Alabama in Huntsville in the 1970s and got a degree in accounting.
      She became an accountant and later CFO for the Huntsville Madison Co. Senior Center where she was well respected and had many friends and worked nearly till the end of her life.

      Her husband C.A. “Doc” Lyles passed away in 1989.
      She later remarried Frank Hancock in 1993. He also predeceased her.
      Florence Hancock-Lyles-Stubblefield lived till she was in her late 80s, raised 5 children and two of her grandchildren.

      • Emma Lee Stubblefield was also kin to Florence et al. She was one of the first women in Yazoo City to own a car and have a driver’s license. Rumor has it she was once arrested for wearing pants in public. She never married and was known to my parent’s generation as “Aunt Emma Lee”

      • My Grandfather was Hord Stubblefield. I remember him telling my brother to stop throwing a fishing pole up in the air and he told us the Story of Woody.

      • Hi, my grandfather named Mose Stubblefield, had a limp from the war and later settled in Detroit, MI. where I met him when married to my grandmother Orabelle.

  4. Hi, my grandfather named Mose Stubblefield, walked with a limp from the war and married my maternal grandmother Orabelle. I lived with them in Detroit, MI.

  5. Hello I am looking for any photos or images of Wyche Franklyn Stubblefield 1856 as well as his wife Mary manning 1859. and Marlin Stubblefield 1819 and his wife Elmira McCormack. Also I have a ton of great photos of Hord Stubblefield sr. his wife and children. Also his wifes Family the cannons and even some of the Thorntons. I would love to share these priceless pieces of history.

    • Hi, I am Edna Ann Stubblefield Bates, daughter of Fountain Y. Stubblefield, Sr.. My father was one of Hord’s brothers. I have pictures of Wyche and Mary Ann and Marlin & Elmira that I can copy and send to you. Send me your snail mail address so that I may send these pictures to you.

      • Hi, Aunt Edna Ann! I am Flo’s grand daughter (Roxie – we’ve met but I was much younger then!). Have you scanned any of those pictures?

      • I am looking for the name of the Stubblefield that Lydia North married, some time after 1930. Could she have married a Stubblefield you are related to?

    • My grandmother, Edna (stubblefield) Bates has some photos she would like to share with you. Can you send her a message on Facebook?

    • Ramzy,
      Hi, My name is Ron Stubblefield direct descendent of William Henry. My GG Grandfather was a brother of Marlin. I have some very interesting info about William Henry and Children. Im looking for any Male direct decendents of William Henry and Agnes Etheridge or Mary Smith. If interested please respond to Thank you to anyone who responds.

  6. I am seeking information on John Stephen Stubblefield who was born 4 Jan 1918 in Hattiesburg. His father was William Henry Stubblefield III who was from Yazoo City. William was married to Sallie Ledbetter.
    John (aka Steve or Stub) enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1943 and became a B-26 Marauder copilot with the 573rd Bomb Squadron/391st Bomb Group. After his tour in medium bombers, he was assigned to the 474th Fighter Group. Sadly, he was killed in a flying accident on 28 May 1945 on Germany.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am the President and Historian of the 474th Fighter Group Association.

  7. Hi, I am Edna Ann Stubblefield Bates; my father is Fountain Y. Stubblefield, Sr. one of Hord Stubblefield’s brothers. I have pictures of Wyche & Mary Ann and Marlin & Elmira; I need a snail mail address so I can send copies of the pictures to you. I don’t check messenger often, but I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

    • hi Edna and others Wyche is a name very common in my family from Yazoo City. Can you text me the photos you have and ill text you mine. I see the name Simon mentioned he was my great great great grandfather Simpson’s brother. I’d love to be in touch..You guys should take the genetic test it will link you to many of us. Michael Stubblefield 312.841.6227 text me we can talk on weekends Michael

  8. Good Morning Everyone,

    If anyone has information on the slaves, ex-slaves, freed sharecroppers who lived or worked on the Stubblefield Plantation, please contact me. I have an ancestor through my grandmother’s marriage to Mose Stubblefield whose father was named Simp Stubblefield. I find this very interesting since the Stubblefield Plantation was built circa 1872 by Simon P. Stubblefield. Simp/Simon P.??? The similar names seems more than a coincidence. It was a common practice for slaves to be given or took names of their masters during and especially after freed from slavery. But, I could be “reaching for straws”.

    If anyone has or knows which online site has documents, photos that tells of these folks I’d appreciate it. I am the last Elder and I want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren. Thank You so very much!

    • Lois
      The Information you are looking for will be on the 1910 Census records for Beat 2.

    • Simpson and Simon were brothers Simon was white Simpson was mulatto I have photos and the Stubblefield lineage goes back to Fitchenfeld England I have all the names for anyone who is interested.I was unaware Simpson had a son named Mose are you sure
      To my knowledge there was another Wyche, a William and an Adam And daughters Florene Natchez (Nielson) chicago and Emma Donnelson (chicago) Emma the great grandmother of the rapper Common, , I think Mose may have been one of their sons.

  9. Lois Cobb –
    There is a 1910 census record from 1910, Beat 2 Yazoo Mississippi.
    It lists a family matching this description.

    The family head is Sim Stubblefield – born 1864
    His wife is Mahalie Stubblefield – born 1886
    Son Willie Stubblefield – born 1893
    Son Wyche Stubblefield – born 1895
    Daughter Emma Stubblefield – born 1897
    Daughter Nettie Stubblefield – born 1899

    The family is listed as “Mulatto”

    There are further census records with Black families around the same time and in the same area. I am working on this same issue as you. Good luck, and I hope this lead helps.

  10. My great great great grandfather name is Harrison Taylor. He was the son of a slave Penny Perry and her slave owner. They are from Yazoo city,ms. When I googled the Taylor plantation this came up. Maybe someone can help.

    • Did you find any answers I’m looking for more information on my 2nd great grandfather with the same Perry last name. He was from Yahoo City as well.

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