Yazoo County African-American Heritage Tour

Tour length: Approx. 5 hrs.

Arrive at Yazoo County Convention & Visitors Bureau Office and Visitor Center

Travel to Oakes African American Cultural Center
(UPDATE: The Oakes House is currently closed for renovations. We will update you as soon as the Center has re-opened, hopefully by mid/late 2015. Stay tuned.)

Tour Oakes African American Cultural Center
(A showcase of the African American Culture in Yazoo County)

Stop in front of Ubon’s Restaurant, Visit Gatemouth Moore’s Blues Trail Marker

Stop in front of St. Francis, Visit St. Francis Mission School Marker

Stop in front of Yazoo City Amtrak Platform, Visit Tommy McClennan’s Blues Trail Marker

Leave for Bentonia, Mississippi

Lunch at Hall of Fame Restaurant (or other group choice)

Arrive at the Blue Front Cafe

Hear the History of Bentonia Style Blues told by Jimmy Duck Holmes

Bentonia Style Music performed by Jimmy Duck Holmes,

Stop by and view the 3 MS Blues Trail Markers in Bentonia, MS
-Blue Front Cafe
-Skip James
-Jack Owens

Leave for Next Destination

Some Other Available Attractions:

  • Civil Rights March Historical Marker: Location, Oak Grove AME Church, Benton MS.
  • Yazoo Pass Expedition Historical Marker: Location, Mike Espy Dr.
  • Starling Wilburn House: Location, Bell Road.
  • Wells Ranch: Location, Bentonia area (off Old Dover Road)
  • Rudy Shields Memorial: Location, Campanella Park (corner of 7th and Dr. MLK Jr. Dr. in Yazoo City)
  • Tour the Sam Olden Yazoo Historical Society Museum
  • more available – call to discuss your groups interests and needs – 800-381-0662 or Contact Us


  1. I am interested in an African American tour of Yazoo City. There will be 8 of us. My deceased father is from Yazoo City, MS. He was born in 1926. The son of Marion Johnson and Vera/Vivian Burks. I know his old address is 513 Ridge Rd. Is the tour still 5 hours or shorter since the Cultural Center is closed. What time does the tour start? Can you please send me any information that you may have concerning the tour.

    We will be visiting in middle October.

    Thank you.

    Yvonne Strickland

    • Thank you for your post, Yvonne. Certainly, with the Oakes House being closed for renovations, the tour would be a bit shorter. There are other options, though. Please give us a call so that we can help you plan your tour – 662-746-1815 or 800-381-0662.

  2. Dear Yazoo Historical Community,

    My name is Nicholas Patler, and I am writing a book with the University Press of Mississippi, titled, The Governor and the Senator: Black Vision and Power in the Reconstructed South – P.B.S. Pinchback and Blanche Kelso Bruce. I am building here from previous research that I have done on Bruce and Pinchback in an edited historical volume, Before Obama, “The Black ‘Consummate Strategist’: BKB and the Skillful Use of Power in the Reconstruction and Post-Reconstruction Eras” and “The Startling Career of P.B.S. Pinchback: A Whirlwind Crusade to Bring Equality to Reconstructed Louisiana,” and another on Bruce in the Journal of Mississippi History, “A Black Vice President in the Gilded Age?”  
    I will be coming to Homes and Bolivar counties next week, August 8-18, 2017, to explore and get a feel for the landscapes that were important to these two leaders. Bruce became a resident of Bolivar (1868-1875 and stay connected even when he moved to DC) where he built his remarkable local political career, which took him to the U.S. Senate. Pinchback spent his childhood on a Holmes County plantation (1837-39 to 1849-50) purchased around the time of his birth by his white planter father, William Pinhcback.

    With Yazoo County relatively close to these counties, and with intersections and connections between Bruce, in particular, and black Reconstruction leaders in Yazoo County, particularly Charles Caldwell, I am hoping that you may have information, perhaps a file, etc. on Blanche Kelso Bruce, as well as Caldwell and others, and even perhaps something on PBS or William Pinchback.

    Thank you so much!

    Nicholas Patler

    Thank you so much for any help.

    • Thank you so much for your post, Mr. Patler. I would recommend contacting Sue Patterson, volunteer research librarian at Ricks Memorial Library (and president of the Yazoo Historical Society) at 662-746-5557 to see if she has any information on file. If you will also please call our office, I may have a few other contacts that could be useful. I am in the office Monday – Friday from 8am to 3pm. 800-381-0662


  3. Do you have any recommendation on who can help plan a tour of Yazoo city? I am wanting to do a “heritage trip” of Yazoo to trace the history of my grandfather’s side of the family. I have traced the family back to the late 1800s in Yazoo. I’m hoping to visit mid-April! TIA

    • Hello, Danielle. There are a couple of people who act as tour guides who we can refer you to. Give us a call when you are ready to plan your visit. We are glad to help. – Dawn

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