The Bull Homestead and Cemetery

Hwy. 16 near the Big Black River

The Bull Homestead consists of an early vernacular hall-and-parlor galleried cottage, built circa 1835 and enlarged about 1848, several adjacent outbuildings and barns, and a family cemetery.  Situated on a knoll, the house faces north and is surrounded by large magnolia trees.  This house and farmstead, dating from the settlement period of Yazoo County, has remained in the same family for five generations.  The house is remarkably well preserved and a rare survivor of this type of architecture in central Mississippi.  The Bull Cemetery is one of the earliest in eastern Yazoo County.

  1. This is the plantation that my Great Grandmother grew up on and where my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather are buried. His name is Joe Lewis Sr. and het name was Hattie Bull Lewis.

    • Thanks so much for your post, Johnathan. We love it when our site can help bring families and histories together.

    • That’s my great grandparents too my grandfather is their son his name is Eddie lewis

    • From: “Darnette Collins”
      To: “Roger”
      Subject: Re: Joe Lewis and Hattie Bull Lewis
      Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 2:03 PM

      Hi Roger.
      c/o: John & Suzie Bull

      Thank you for responding so quickly.. I spoke to my Mother again and she said she never met her grandfather.. but she did meet her uncles :Huge and John Sr. (Suzie and little John’s daddy) when she was a little girl living on the property. She said Suzie and John Jr. were at least a year or 2 older than she. Mother said Suzie and Little John attended her older sister funeral my aunt “Sink” Josephine Perkins. Mother says.. Little John visited my aunt” sink’ at her home to talk about old times.. Mother has a lot of memories.. and I would be happy to her talk to Suzie or “little John” as my Mother calls him.

      Thank you Roger for your help.. Please forward the #’s to Susie and “little John”
      God Bless,
      Darnette S. Collins

      925-819-2932 (cell)
      925-735-7676 (home)

      Roger wrote:
      Hi, Darnette!

      I know that Joe Lewis is buried in the Bull Cemetery. I did not know that his wife, Hattie Bull Lewis, was buried next to him. Please understand that all of the burials with wooden markers are now bear. Mother nature has taken the wood products back to the earth. Only the stones remain, many of those broken and some leaning against the fence, no longer marking the burial spots.

      Suzie and John Jr. are up in age, taking care of the cemetery and the homestead on their own. They do have help with the fields – a coop tends the fields for them.

      If you go to, place the Bull Cemetery into the search box. You’ll see my list of known persons buried there.

      There was a lady who worked at Wells Fargo who used to inquire about Mr. Lewis. Her email address has changed over the years so I’m unable to contact her now. I keep thinking that her last name was Knox or something like that. She lived out west.

      What is your telephone number? I’ll be happy to give it to Suzie and John so them can answer your questions.


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      From: Darnette Collins
      To: bulldata
      Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 5:43 PM
      Subject: Joe Lewis and Hattie Bull Lewis

      Greetings Roger:

      I’m Pastor Darnette S.Collins,

      Just found your name on a website and wanted to see if you would please send me information on my grandmother Hattie Bull Lewis:

      My grandfather was Joe Lewis Sr.(African American)- he is buried next to my grandmother Hattie Bull Lewis in the Bull Cemetery. Hattie was by-racial her father was a Bull -who lived on the Bull land . She and her family lived on the Bull property. My mother Hattie Bull’s daughter(Mary Catherine Lewis-Sheard) told me she grew up on the Bull property. She remembers John Bull. She also remembers Suzie who still lives in the house across from the cemetery since they were children back in the 30’s and 40’s. My Mother is getting up in age. She had 13 brothers and sisters.. Now she only has 1 brother and 3 sisters left.

      Suzie, I do believe knew one of my Mother’s elder brothers. He lived there in Mississippi not to far from the Bull property.. They called him “Yank” Clarance Lewis. He died I think in 2003. Mother is almost 78 years old now. I’m trying to find out some information about her family tree so I can share it with her.

      My Mother says she remembers as a little girl meeting her grandfather I do believe John Bull. I would like to find out as much information as I can for my Mother.. My Father passed on 2005. They had a great love and were married for 56 years at the time of his death. They raised 10 children and helped 7 of their children graduate College/University. My twin sister and myself are now Pastors of our church here in California.. My Father was a Bishop. My Mother’s grandchildren are doing well. Two of her grandchildren have graduated college. Another will graduated January 2008… And yet another is at The University of Hampton studying Bio Chemistry. She’ll become a Doctor. Her brother leaves for college 2008 for Mechanical Engineering.

      My Mother is doing well. She misses her husband greatly. Yet God is awesome. He has
      allowed her to remain with us a little while longer with her memories. Memories of love and memories of her childhood. She is the youngest of Hattie bull’s children. She holds on to the memories of her Mother, her Father(Joe Lewis) and her grandfather John Bull.. Please forward any information you would like to share with me to add to my Mother memories..

      Thank you and may Peace and Blessings be with you,

      Darnette S. Collins

    • Joe Lewis Sr. And Hattie Bull Lewis are my great grandparents too. My grandmother Mary C. Lewis is their youngest daughter.

  2. My great-great grandmother was Mary Jane Bull

    • Hello Richard! Mary Jane Bull I believe would be my great-great-great grandmother. My great-great grandmother was Beulah Crenshaw. Great grandparents were James and Hazel Lewis. Grandmother Delores Lewis Deam.

  3. My great-great grandmother was Beulah Crenshaw. Great grand parents were James and Hazel Lewis. Hello family!

  4. This is the home of one of the first state legislators when Mississippi was accepted into the United States. James Hogan Bull was married to Freelove (nee Campbell) Bull. He served as a postmaster in Lawrence County, MS, then as a magistrate in that county, before being elected to the State Legislature.

    Their children were:
    1) Sarah Bull
    2) Susan Bull
    3) Ambrose Carroll Bull
    4) James Campbell Bull
    5) Mary Bull
    6) William Maurice (Morris) Bull

  5. See the link below in the Website box. (Findagrave)

  6. Until their deaths, John Ellison Bull, Jr. and his sister, Susie Bull, lived in the homestead. John died before Susie, who passed to her reward in 2017.

  7. Bull Cemetery on Bull Homestead, Hwy 16, Benton, MS
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    Re: Bull Cemetery on Bull Homestead, Hwy 16, Benton, MS
    bulldata (View posts)
    Posted: 04 May 2002 09:00PM
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    Edited: 18 Jun 2002 07:17AM
    Surnames: Bull, Campbell, Johnson, Chapman, Blount, Brooks, Sparks, Pepper, Maxwell, et. al.
    One last picture after the Bull Cemetery listing of those known to be buried in it….
    From: “Jack Grantham”
    To: “Roger C. Bull”
    Subject: The family cemetery
    Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 08:30:04 -0600

    Roger, you said that you wanted this. All buried here are members of the Bull family. My grandmother is Florence, wife of S.T.Grantham and she lies in the same graveyard with her grandfather William Maurice Bull and his father James Hogan Bull. /s/Jack C. Grantham

    Bull Family Cemetery
    Route 2
    Vaughan, MS
    In Yazoo County Story by Yazoo Historical Association under the heading The Bull Graveyard.

    “One of the earliest cemeteries in eastern Yazoo County is the Bull graveyard, located a few miles east of Benton on the Canton Road.

    “The first marked grave in this enclosure indicates that burials were made there as early as 1832.

    “The original six-foot-high enclosure was made from slave-molded bricks. There was space for 144 graves, most of which were filled by descendants of James Hogan and Freelove Campbell Bull. Names include Bull, Campbell, Ledbetter, Exum and Moore.

    “…An unidentified Confederate soldier is buried just outside the enclosure, as are several other unidentified persons. On the drop of the hill outside the enclosure are the graves of slaves and some of their descendants.
    “Heavy raines caused the original bricks to topple in 1955 and they were removed to make way for a cast iron fence.
    “Many of the epitaphs are interesting and there are carvings on several of the stones. One shows a father bowed in grief at the death of the mother of his children.”


    Burials in Bull Family Cemetery
    Yazoo County, MS
    This listing of burials in the family cemetery was published (1955) in Vol. II, Cemetery and Bible Records, Genealogical Publication of The Mississippi Genealogical Society, pp. 153-155.. The cemetery is located on Hwy. #16, several miles E of Cedar Grove Plantation in Yazoo County, between Benton and Big Black River. The following was compiled by Miss Frances A. Cook of Crystal Springs in Copiah County,MS on 2 Mar 1955. Her notes show the cemetery surrounded by a brick wall, 8 feet tall & with an iron gate.
    J.C.Bull/ d. 10 Dec 1892/ aged 81 yrs, 10 mos, 24 days
    Lydia/Consort of J.C.Bull/ b. 18 Sep 1814/d. 25 Jul 1850
    Mary/ dau of J.C. and Lydia Bull/ wife of W.A.Hendricks/b. 25 Jan 1835/ d. 2 Apr 1863

    Willie/ b. 2 Apr 1863/ d. 1 Sep 1867 Infant of W.A. & Mary Hendricks/ d. 11 Jun 1856

    David King/ b. 28 Apr 1813/ d. 19 Aug 1839
    Lydia King/ wife of E.H.Brister/ b. 14 Nov 1859/ d. 16 Dec 1905

    J.C./ son of D. & S. Bull/ b. 5 Jul 1860/ d. 5 Oct 1866

    Susan Ledbetter/ wife of Kinchen W. Exum/ b. 8 Jun 1853/d. 7 Oct 1927
    Kinchen W.Exum/ b. 30 Apr 1848/ d. 20 Jul 1909
    Annie L. / dau. of K.W. & S.V. Exum/ b. 3 Oct 1878/ d. 7 Jun 1879
    Infant dau. of K.W. and S.V. Exum/ b. & d. 29 Jul 1876

    John M.Ledbetter/ b. 22 Jul 1846/ d. 15 Au 1846
    William A.Ledbetter/ b. 22 May 1850/ d. 18 Oct 1855
    Richard Ledbetter/ b. 1 May 1810/ d. 28 Aug 1877
    Nancy Ledbetter/ b. 11 Aug 1863/ d. 23 Oct 1867
    Martha Ann/ wife of Richard Ledbetter/ b. 11 Nov 1824/ d. 28 Jan 1907

    Mary Ellen Exum/ b. 29 Jul 1876/ d. 11 Sep 1939
    Kinchen Williams Exum/ b. 17 Jun 1893/ d. 10 Jan 1939

    Charlie L./ son of S.H. & Anna Elam/ b. 10 Dec 1888/ d. 30 Dec 1906
    John Murray/ son of S.H. & Anna Elam/ b. 22 Jun 1887/ d. 3 Oct 1887

    James S.Bull/ b. in NC 23 Jun 1780/ d. 25 Aug 1840

    John M.Hendricks/ b. in London County, VA 24 Nov 1797/ d. 9 Jul 1855
    Susan/wife of John W.Hendricks/ b. 7 Dec 1803/ d. 25 May 1853
    J.M.Hendricks/ b. 3 Dec 1835/ d. 29 Jul 1846
    Susan Hendricks/ b. 25 Oct 1840/ d. 22 Jun 1842

    Lovey/ wife of James H. Bull/ b. 10 Apr 1777/ d. 9 Dec 1850

    James C./ son of D.W. and Mary Hendricks/ b. 30 Dec 1830/ d. 13 Dec 1842
    Susan O./ dau of D.W. and Mary Hendricks/ b. 5 Oct 1848/ d. 5 Sep 1852
    Mary/ wife of D.W.Hendricks/ b. 20 Apr 1813/ d. 16 Nov 1854
    Daniel F./ son of D.W. & Mary Hendricks/ .b 16 Oct 1846/ d. 27 Nov 1859
    Mary S./ dau of J.E. & M.B.Hendricks/ b. 26 Jun 1856/ d. 24 Aug 1857

    Thomas Millner Moore/ husband of Donie Bull/ b. 31 Jan 1856/ d. 8 Jan 1925

    Thomas K./ son of D.K. & Susan Bull/ b. 29 Dec 1864/ d. 27 Jun 1888
    William B/ son of D.K. & Susan Bull/ b. 5 Oct 1867/ d. 15 Jul 1888
    James M/ son of D.K. & Susan Bull/ b. 20 Nov 1875/ d. 20 Aug 1898

    Annie Bull Brister/ b. 23 Sep 1872/ d. 2 May 1916

    Emeline/ dau of T.A. & Mary A. Campbell/ b. 16 Mar 1871/ aged 26 years

    Frances E.Holliday/ b. 6 Oct 1831/ d. 21 Sep 1845

    Ann Meek/ b. 29 Oct 1850

    Maggie C/ wife of C.P.Ledbetter/ b. 28 Feb 1877/ d. 15 Jul 1900
    Chas. P. Ledbetter/ b. 30 Sep 1858/ d. 22 Mar 1930
    Ellen M.Ledbetter/ b. 10 Sep 1848/ d. 21 Aug1918
    J.H.Ledbetter/ b. 3 Mar 1848/ d 9 Apr 1899
    .Nannie/ dau of J.H. & E.M.Ledbetter/ b. 2 Jan 1880/ d. 21 Sep 1883
    Richard/ son of W.J. & Zula May Ledbetter/ b. 4 May 1915/ d. 6 Dec 1921
    Mother/ Zula May/ wife of W.J.Ledbetter/ b. 13 Jun 1889/ d. 30 May 1947
    William James Ledbetter/ b. 14 Jul 1883/ d. 14 Nov 1951
    William S.Ledbetter/ Miss. Tech. Sgt. 124 Inf, WWII/ b. 29 Dec 1913/ d. 10
    Aug 1945

    William J.Pepper/ b. 5 Feb 1829/ d. 1 Sep 1859
    Ezeriah B.Pepper/ b. 6 May 1823/ d. 4 Aug 1854
    George L./ son of Z & M Pepper/ d. 26 Jun 1859/ aged 2 yrs, 5 mos

    Sarah/ wife of F.M.Beall/ b. 25 May 1833/ d. 12 Mar 1854

    David King Bull/ b. 3 Oct 1837/ d. 9 Feb 1910
    Susan/ wife of D.K.Bull/ b. 8 Jan 1839/ d. 16 Sep 1922

    Annie E.Moore Fant/ b. 22 Jan 1881/ d. 9 Oct 1933
    Tom Moore/ son of T.M.& Donnie B. Moore/ 1880-1943
    Infant dau/ of Thos M. & Fredonia Moore/ b. 25 Jun 1882/ d. 9 May 1884
    Donie B. Moore/ b. 22 Feb 1858/ d. 28 Sep 1944

    Father/ V.H.Fugate/ b. 23 Jun 1815/ d. 5 Nov 1876
    W.H.Fugate/ b. 1 Nov 1850/ d. August 1852
    P.M.Fugate/ b. 22 Sep 1818/ d. Mar 1851
    Mother/ E.R.Fugate/ b. 25 Oct 1830/ d. 23 May 1896

    Angelin/ wife of J.C.Campbell/ b. 24 Jul 1828/ d. 5 Jan 1851
    Lelelie/ wife of James Campbell/ b. 16 Sep 1780/ d. 12 Nov 1867
    James Campbell/ b. 8 Nov 1785/ d. 7 Jul 1859

    Doris E./ wife of J.A.Campbell/ b. 1 Oct 1830/ d. 23 Jan 1886

    FLORENCE/ wife of S.T.GRANTHAM/ b. 5 Apr 1874/ d. 5 Jul 1899

    James Augustus Campbell/ b. 22 Jun 1819/ d. 15 Jun 1907

    Chas. P.Ledbetter/ b. 15 Nov 1895/ d. 22 Aug 1939

    Susan Hay/ oldest dau of Wm & Mary Battaile/ b. 9 Aug 1845/ d. 22 Aug 1849

    Vaughan/ son o W.A. & L.E. Wilkins/ b. 21 Nov 1895/ d. 26 Oct 1900

    Jane Taliaferro Battaile/ no dates

    W.O.W./ John C. Daniel/ b. 8 Dec 1866/ d. 17 Jun 1900
    Little Snow/ son of J.C. & L.F.Daniel/ d. 4 Nov 1901/ age 2 yrs, 9 mos, 1

    John F.Hendricks/ Co E. MS Inf. CSA no dates

    Elisha Pepper/ b. 20 Jun 1820/ d. 15 Jan 1885
    Rachel West/ wife of Elisha Pepper/ b. 23 Dec 1823/ d. 23 Dec 1874
    Children of E.&R. Pepper/ Samuel C./ b. 18 Jul 1853/ d. 3 Jul 1854; and
    Zedekiahn C./ b. 18 Sep 1849/ d. 11 Dec 1849

    William M.Bull/ b. 4 Jun 1816/ d. 29 Oct 1843
    These graves were outside the brick wall:
    Joe Lewis, Sr./ b. 9 Apr 1879/ d. 12 Apr 1942
    Mollie Johnson/ b. 16 Sep 1851/ aged 83 yrs.
    Jonathan Lamb/ b. 22 Oct 1796/ d. 22 Jan 1848
    William Newbell/ b. 6 Jun 1806/ d. 13 Oct 1883
    M.E.Lamb/ b. 29 Nov 1823/ d. 15 Oct 1883
    End of list.

    I hope this will help families to find their loved ones.
    Roger Bull

    • Thanks for sharing. Joe Lewis Sr. is my great grandfather who was married to Hattie Bull Lewis, my greatgrandmother. Their youngest child is my grandmother Mary C. Lewis born May 24, 1930.

  8. My great-great-grandmother was Ann Eliza Bull,who was born at the Bull Homestead in 1840,and whose father was William Maurice Bull, buried in the Bull Cemetery. She was married (1) to Richard Pickens Ross of Yazoo County, who was killed in the Civil War. She moved to Tallahatchie County, MS after the war to be near her sister, Mary Jane Bull Crenshaw. She married (2) James Henry Mullen and her first child from that marriage was Annie Temperence Mullen, married to Robert Martin Whitten, my mother, Ann Rivers Whitten, paternal grandparents.

  9. I am looking for my ancestors too. I was informed they lived on this plantation. Their last names could be Wright. I need more information, so if anyone know let me know. Thank You.

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