Meet the CVB Interns!

We are so pleased to announce that the participants in our 2014 Internship/Scholarship program have been chosen!  This is the inaugural year for our program, offered in an effort to educate high school students in Yazoo County of the importance of tourism to the economy of our area, and to encourage them to consider Tourism Management as a profession.

This year’s group of young people was absolutely outstanding.  They made our decision both exciting and heartbreaking, as we would have loved to have taken each and every one of this fine group of students from Yazoo City and Yazoo County under our wings.  In the end, Ebony Preston and Norman Lewis II were our picks.  They will spend two months during this summer volunteering at the tourism office and visitors center in Yazoo City before heading off to college this fall.

Ebony Preston is a current senior at Yazoo City High School and will attend Mississippi State University where she plans to study Elementary Education.  She is a bright and talented young woman, and an absolute go-getter.  Ebony has been involved in community service in the past, and she is excited to use her talents to help increase Yazoo County tourism.

Norman Lewis II is a senior at Yazoo County High School and also will be attending Mississippi State University in the fall with plans to major in Biology.  His sheer drive to succeed is what first impressed us, although his sharp dress could never be far behind.  Norman is an excellent student and expressed his interest in the history and culture of Yazoo.

We know that both Ebony and Norman will make an excellent addition to our team, even if only for a short time, and we look forward to making them a part of our CVB family!

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  1. Fellow citizens, family, relatives and friends;

    Noticing the excellent photo, I felt drawn to comment. I’m especially proud of this young lady, Ms. Ebony Preston. Eboy was a kindergarten student of mine at Yazoo Headstart, begining at the age of three. She is one young, lady I can always be super proud of, and thankful for. Ebony and classmates at the time, Desi scott, along with Quincy Rogers and a few other of my students actually began reading at the age of three. Evey second I’ve known Ebony, and her wonderful family, has indeed been and is a privilege for me. She, her mother and grandmother are just one family of honest, Christian Yazoo City supporting. This impetus was initiated by her grandmother, who currently runs the Oaks house museum. I’ve worked with her mother within the Yazoo Public School system, and must say, this is a more than outstanding family, out of the majority of outstanding Yazoo City families. Ebony is the kind of young lady and student that any real teacher couldn’t help but love and respect.
    I ask our God to continue blessing she and her illustrious family.
    In Jesus’ name, A-Men.

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