Live at the Blue Front

The Blue Front Cafe presents ‘Live at the Blue Front’! This series of events will include live music at the Blue Front Cafe. Admission is FREE! Stay updated on the Blue Front Cafe page on Facebook and check back here for more information. Join us at the oldest juke joint in Mississippi that is still open daily for LIVE blues including performances by Jimmy “Duck” Holmes!

Attention Blues Artists: Jimmy “Duck” Holmes will offer an Open Mic from 7pm to 8pm at every Live at the Blue Front event!

Fridays starting at 7 pm
Blue Front Cafe
107 E Railroad Ave
Bentonia, MS 39040


December 1 – Johnny B Duet

December 8 – TBA

December 15 – Wes Lee

December 22 – TBA

December 29 – TBA


January 5 – Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Connely Farr and Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty

January  12 – Cancelled due to weather

January 19 – Terry “Harmonica” Bean and Jimmy “Duck” Holmes

January 26 – Bill Able and Jimmy “Duck” Holmes 

February 2 – None

February 9 – Wes Lee

February 16 – Ms. Pleschette

March 30 – Terry “Harmonica” Bean

April 13 – Tito Deler’s Birthday Juke

April 20 – Randy “19th Street Red” Cohen

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  1. On the Porch of the Blue Front Café,
    Bentonia, Mississippi

    We’re sittin’ on the porch of the Blue Front Café,
    two brothers and a bluesman at his Blue Front Café
    watchin’ the evening sun sink and fade away.

    Jimmy “Duck” Holmes goes to get his Epiphone,
    comes back huggin’ his sweet baby Epiphone
    to show us its warm and deep old-time tone.

    Patting the ticker beating behind his beer
    Jimmy tells us he sings from “here.”
    He pulls from the sky a song low and near.

    Two brothers and a bluesman watchin’ the sun,
    two brothers and a bluesman followin’ the sun
    go down into a song sung by a native son.

    We feel the sun go down in a new song
    with a poem to climb out of it before long.
    A Bentonia bluesman “skies” a poet a song.

    © 2012 Norbert Krapf

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