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 Follow along as we explore the backroads of Yazoo County, Mississippi!

The winding and mysterious backroads of Yazoo County, the largest county in Mississippi, are full of hidden treasures, breathtaking views of the Mississippi delta and the loess bluffs, and people and places you won’t soon forget.  We’re taking you with us!

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  1. I would like the see the trail my great-great grandfather would have likely taken in 1852/1853 as he left Yazoo MS as a Mulatto teenager to journey north. He was released by his father from the Swayze homestead (Richard Swayze being his father)and went north to Crittenden County KY. Was there a trail associated with the Underground Railroad that traversed that area in the early 1850s?

    • Thanks for your post, Kimberly. I don’t know the history of the Underground Railroad through Yazoo County, but I bet Ricks Memorial Library or the Yazoo Historical Society would have some information. It would be interesting to learn about. You could call the library at 662-746-5557. We hope you’ll get to join us on the #YazooBackroads virtual tour tomorrow and Friday.

  2. Yes, I have contacted Ricks Memorial Library in the past. Staff offered to me info regarding the Swayze family. I will contact them regarding the Underground Railroad. Thanks much!

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