The Confederate Monument, located on the Triangle Grounds in Yazoo City, is 24 feet tall on a base and pedestal of granite with bronze figures featuring a Confederate soldier and a woman holding a flag.  The unveiling took place in 1909 during a daylong celebration and parade.  This memorial is erected to perpetuate the memory of the noble courage and self-sacrificing devotion of the women of the Confederacy.

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  1. The Yazoo monument is one of the most important historical artifacts in America. I use the word “artifact” because as a work of public art in commemoration of women, it is very rare in itself, but the inscription clearly defines the ethos of the ‘Lost Cause’ at the dawn of the 20th Century. There is no other monument like it anywhere in the United States and its priceless value is to the entire nation as a milestone of history, not only Mississippi or Yazoo City alone. I sincerely hope that the overheated discussions of our present time pose no threat to this monument.

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